Letter to Greek Orthodox

Author: George A. Varelas
Date Published: 01/19/2009
Publication: Pokrov.org

January 19, 2009

I am writing this letter in response and support to my fellow Greek Orthodox Stan Shinn, and I hope he considers it for a possible realistic reaction to Metropolitan Isaiah’s denials of the truth. To expect the Archdiocese “rebuke publicly” the metropolitan is not a therapeutic remedy against liars, and it won’t restore our faith in the hierarchs of our church. As it was pointed out by Mr. Shinn, Metropolitan Isaiah and many others had known about the Katinas shameful escapades since 1977 and they kept a deafening silence.

No, my fellow Greek Orthodox, do not settle for a rebuke or for an apology or for more lies. Do not settle for pleas “to forgive and forget” of what has taken place. Each one of you and all of us to-gether have the power to get our churches back and away from those who dictate policies as if we are their medieval serfs. Now is the time to ask the hierarchs for a report