Letter to the Editor: The Church Needs to be Transparent about the Katinas Settlement

Author: Frank Anastasides
Date Published: 01/03/2009
Publication: The National Herald

To The Editor:

I would like to voice my concern about the recent monetary out-of-court settlement by the Archdiocese in Nicholas Katinas pedophile case. The whole issue has scandalized our Church and community for some time now.

You have reported that the documents and the case itself as a matter of fact were shielded, meaning that we will never find out the details of those involved.

I am wondering why this secrecy and also why the Archdiocese is not disclosing the amount of money that it will be paying to Katinas’ victims? Are we not the stewards of the Church? Are we not the financial supporters of the entire Archdiocesan operations, including of course the Metropolises? By the way, the Metropolises have been developed into small “separate” Archdioceses almost apart from the Archdiocese. Each Metropolitan now does whatever he wants, without being accountable to anyone. Only when it comes to legal issues, then everyone refers the cases to the Archdiocese to pay the fees and the settlements.

I strongly believe that Archbishop Demetrios personally should publicly come clean and tell the Church in America and the world, how much money the Archdiocese will pay for this Katinas case? Furthermore, how much has the Archdiocese already paid in other settlements of clergy misconduct and from which sources will the funds will be taken?

Is it not enough that the faithful pay all of the operations, the departments, the salaries, the benefits, the trips and the conferences, why should we pay for Katinas’ pedophilia and Adamakis’ homosexual misconduct?

Frank Anastasides
Los Angeles, California