MANS Order Contends With Occult Image

Author: Bob Latta
Date Published: 05/26/1980

To its friends, the Holy Order of MANS is a Christian order doing good works. But to its critics, it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Even thought the San Francisco group keeps a low profile in Wichita, it has had representatives in the area for 10 years, has its headquarters for a six-state region in Wichita and has sponsored local choral and dance festivals to aid war torn Cambodia.

The order says it is an ecumenical Christian community dedicated to a life of spiritual renewal and the ways of Christ. Critics say it masquerades as a Christian group to draw upon Christian respectability.

The group says it is plagued by rumor and misconception. One such rumor is that members must give up what they are best at and perform other tasks.

The Rev. Rachel Christus, a leader of the order in Wichita, said it was not true that members have to give up something permanently.

One MANS member, for example is a trained organist, but works as a cook. Christus explained that during a member’s initial training it needs to be proved that the most important concern is “the kingdom of heaven” rather than talents.

Then, as members start to reorder their lives according to principles of MANS, they can again use their talents, she said.

Donna Capper, executive director of Inter-Faith Ministries Wichita, of which MANS is a member, said MANS was very active in the city, especially in social services.

She said the group demanded a lot of discipline