Monk describes sex, drugs, weeping icon at monastery

Author: Molly Bloom
Date Published: 04/15/2007

In a recently released statement, Hugh Brian Fallon, one of five Blanco County monks accused of sexually abusing children, says the Christ of the Hills monks had sex with one another, used illegal drugs and faked a weeping Virgin Mary icon.

The Russian Orthodox Christ of the Hills monastery was founded by former real estate salesman and boys group home supervisor Sam Greene Jr. in 1981. On 105 acres a few miles outside the city of Blanco, the black-robed monks took in teenagers as novices and welcomed thousands
of visitors who came to see a Virgin Mary icon that the monks said wept tears of myrrh.

The Russian Orthodox Church broke its ties with the monastery in 1999 after Greene and monk Jonathan Hitt were arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy. Greene got 10 years of probation; Hitt got a 10-year prison sentence, which he is serving.

Last year, five monks, including Greene and Hitt, were charged with sexual assault of a child and engaging in organized crime.

All except Hitt are free on bail awaiting trial. Prosecutors said
trial dates will be set after a forensic examination of a monastery computer.

Fallon told a sheriff’s deputy and a postal inspector about sexual activity and drug use at the monastery in a written statement made on July 25 after investigators searched the monastery.

Fallon’s handwritten statement was released as part of a March 19 order by District Judge Dan Mills denying motions to suppress the statement and the search warrant.

The tears on the weeping icon came from an eyedropper that Greene kept in his bedroom nightstand, Fallon wrote in the statement.

Fallon, who came to the monastery in 1991, told investigators that Greene encouraged sexual activity among monastery residents, according to the statement.

An ”inner circle” of monks smoked marijuana together and had sex with one another, Fallon wrote in the statement.

”When people were having problems, Sam Greene would offer marijuana and backrubs and, very slowly, sex,” Fallon wrote in the statement.

”I viewed this as very consoling,” he wrote.