New web site exposes OCA financial discrepancies

Date Published: 01/27/2007
Publication: Pokrov

Earlier this year, a new web site was announced called This web site confronts the problem of millions of dollars un-accounted for by the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) National Headquarters in Syosset, NY.

This missing money is one piece of a much larger puzzle. It is a picture of abuse of power and lack of accountability by the OCA administration to the OCA laity.

We have posted some of these documents on Pokrov over the years. We know that confidential settlements have been made with victims and the OCA National Headquarters. Perhaps some of that money came from these accounts? Their cases have been silently “resolved.” As this issue is confronted publicly, we wonder what else will be exposed.

We look forward to more light shed on this issue. We applaud the site, and its stated goals: