News from the Summer Session of the Holy Synod

Date Published: 07/17/2009

POKROV NOTE: This article was the first item in the “Recent News” section of the Bulgarian Orthodox Diocese’s website on July 17, 2009. However, the article itself was undated.

“The Summer Session of the Holy Synod continues. His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph returned back to NYC to prepare himself for our 34th Annual Diocesan Convention.
The Holy Synod took the following decisions for us:

– His Holiness Patriarch Maxim on behalf of the Holy Synod to send three messages:

1. To MLIC Youth Conference;

2. To Popadias and Deaconissas Gathering, and

3. To the delegates of 34th Annual Diocesan Convention in Des Plaines;

– Holy Synod to inform us that he approved as final the decision of our Diocesan Court to depose archimandrite Simeon of Boscobel;

– Holy Synod to inform His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah of OCA that it was approved as final the previous deposition of former priests Stefan Michailov and Valentin Notzkov, now in the USA;

– Holy Synod to infrom His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah of OCA that the status of Very Rev. Archimandrite Pachomij (Bellcov) is canonical in our Diocese and he came to us from ROCOR, not from OCA;

– Holy Synod appointed the new Deans of Sofia and Plovdiv seminaries;

– Holy Synod gave as Vicar Bishop the Dean of Sofia seminary Bishop Sionij to Metropolitan Dometian of Vidin;

– Holy Synod blessed the new website of Bulgarian Patriarchate:

– Holy Synod heard for information the report of Metropolitan Neophit of Russe regarding the decisions of Panorthodox dathering in Shambezi (Materials are already ready in English);

– Holy Synod decided to celebrate 95th anniversary of His Holiness Patriarch Maxim in October this year and to consecrate on this occasion his chapel “St. Marina” in his home.

– Holy Synod continues its Session until July 10, 2009.”