+Nikolai, In Memo To Synod, Attempts to Smear Critics & Denies Leaving $900,000 Debt

Author: Mark Stokoe
Date Published: 06/27/2008

In a scathing memo written from “exile” in Australia, addressed to the Synod of the OCA, and copied to the Metropolitan Council as well as “the clergy and faithful of the Diocese of Alaska”, the former Bishop of Sitka, Nikolai, attempts to smear his critics with hints of former scandals while denying he left the diocese in massive debt. E-mailed yesterday by his suspended, former Chancellor, Archimandrite Isidore (Brittain) (due to the Bishop’s “sporadic internet access” in the rural Serbian monastery outside Melbourne where he has taken refuge) the six page memo offers a much fuller insight into the finances of the Alaskan diocese than has ever been revealed before. And it raises a host of questions.

The Memo reads:


To: The Holy Synod of The Orthodox Church in America

From: Bishop NIKOLAI

CC: The Metropolitan Council and Clergy and Faithful of the Diocese of Alaska

Date: June 26, 2008

Re: Summary of RODA upon my departure May 7, 2008

Your Beatitude, Most Reverend, Right Reverend Hierarchs, clergy and faithful of the Diocese of Alaska,

I greet you all from Australia where I have now been welcomed as a guest in exile for almost two weeks.

These last weeks and especially the last two months since my voluntary leave of absence have been filled with many temptations. Honestly, I have wanted to lash out at those who have unjustly and without cause attacked me in many different ways — sharing the truth, however, is not lashing out. It is unfortunate to see that the behavior of some bishops and priests is not only unChristian but even lacking in human regard, and therefore very disappointing and disgusting.

I was thinking to write such a summary before I left had I been consulted or even contacted but no such requests were made. No one within the administration of The Orthodox Church in America attempted to even contact me about this information. Now that I have just recently received a copy of a post from Bishop BENJAMIN declaring a $900,000.00 debt in the diocese I have no choice but to get on with this writing. It would do you well to look up the definition of one who lies and one who tells a lie.