OCA issues statement concerning posting on Canadian Archdiocese’s web site

Author: Staff
Date Published: 10/22/2010

SYOSSET, NY [OCA] — The Orthodox Church in America has learned that yesterday — Thursday, October 21, 2010 — an individual published on the web site of the OCA Archdiocese of Canada a personal opinion purportedly of family members of His Eminence, Archbishop Seraphim of Ottawa and Canada concerning an investigation involving the Archbishop. The Orthodox Church in America understands that this personal use of the Archdiocese of Canada’s web site was completely without the consent of the Archdiocese or anyone authorized to speak on its behalf.

The publication was also without the consent or foreknowledge of the Orthodox Church in America. While the OCA exercises no supervisory authority over the Archdiocese or the Archdiocese’s Archbishop or its web site, the OCA laments the misuse of the Archdiocesan web site and unequivocally denounces the unacceptable content of the personal opinion published on that site.