Open Letter from Father Vasile Susan

Date Published: 08/13/2010
Publication: received an open letter from Father Vasile Susan this week. The complete text of the letter and all the attachments are linked below.

Susan has again laid out his grievances in great detail. The priest has also added a request in several different places of this 385 page document, “Can you readers call (517) 522 4800, & ASK the ROEA Archbishop to RESIGN?”

Susan was terminated from his position at St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church in Chicago, Illinois, in 2004. Archbishop Nathaniel Popp also had the priest removed from the Romanian Episcopate and transferred to the omophorion of the metropolitan. Susan was never given a reason for Popp’s actions. Although he remains a priest in good standing, Susan has been without church employment since 2004. According to Susan, the OCA bishops have ignored Susan’s appeals for a hearing on this matter for six years.

Open Letter

Wisdom of Solomon

Susan’s Key to Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Biblical Provisions

Exhibit 2:

2A What the Saints say about homosexuality
2Bi St John Chrysostom homily
2Bii St John Chrysostom homily
2Biii St John Chrysostom homily
2C Homosexuality and Roman Catholic Church Teaching

Exhibit 3: Canonical Provisions

Exhibit 4: OCA Statute provisions

Exhibit 5: ROEA Constitution and By – Laws provisions

Exhibit 6:

6A OCA sexual misconduct policy
6Bi: SCOBA statement on sexual misconduct
6Bii: SCOBA Communiqu