Open Letter From George Varelas To His Fellow Greek Orthodox

Author: George Varelas
Date Published: 08/30/2008
Publication: Pokrov

August 30, 2008

Dear Fellow Greek Orthodox Friends:

I am a retired police lieutenant and a past mayor (4 terms) of Westfield Massachusetts. I am a Greek immigrant and a fifty-one year member of the Greek Orthodox Church. As such, I feel the pain and the shame for what some individuals, who were impersonating Greek Orthodox priests, have done to some young people and their families.

Furthermore, I am disgusted and extremely disappointed about the euphemistic language used with regard to sexual predators.. When a rascal pedophile is defrocked, the Greek Orthodox Hierarchy seems to have been unable to find the word “Defrocked” in the dictionary. Instead, our Archdiocese treats us as if we were unintelligent serfs. We are told that the offender “