Pastoral Message of Archbishop Nathaniel

Author: Archbishop Nathaniel Popp
Date Published: 06/30/2017

June 30, 2017
Synaxis of the Twelve Apostles; Holy Hierarch Ghelasius of Ramet

Reverend Fathers,

With sadness, I inform you that on the afternoon of June 28, 2017, Rev. Archdeacon Sebastian Dumitrascu and Mrs. Stefana Romanov, at the request of Monk Irineu Duvlea, delivered to the Chancery Office of the Episcopate, the Holy Antimension which I, as hierarch of the diocese, placed on the holy altar of the Holy Ascension Monastery in Detroit, which we originally founded on February 23, 2001.

Furthermore, a letter addressed to me was presented to the Chancery stating: “…we, the monastic community…ask to be separated from the jurisdiction of ROEA, together with our monastery…”. This was signed by Monk Irineu, Archdeacon Sebastian and three other individuals: Hieromonk Firmilian Palosan, Brother Florin Cretu (who are not members of the monastic community, nor canonical clergy of the diocese) and Mrs. Stefana Romanov, a member of the “Board of Trustees” of the monastery.

This action has produced profound grief in my heart as hierarch of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America and spiritual father and founder of the monastery. This goes against Church hierarchical and canonical order and monastic obedience. Thus, until the resolution of this situation, I am directing our clergy and faithful of our God-protected diocese to refrain from visiting and participating in Ascension Monastery’s activities. These two actions show the disregard of these individuals for the good canonical order of the Church which is the cornerstone of our life in Christ.

With paternal blessings,

+ NATHANIEL, Archbishop