Paul Sidebottom’s Farewell Letter to Kodiak, Alaska

Author: Paul Sidebottom
Date Published: 08/23/2007

Greetings Friends,

I want to express my appreciation to all those who have supported my assignment at St. Herman Seminary in Kodiak, Alaska. Your contributions, prayers, and thoughts have been my mainstay. My office bookshelves were regularly adorned with a Sunday school collage, drawing, or card.

My initial experience of the Church was with a mission parish. Being received into the Church on the plains of Kansas, I am a son of the mission field. Answering Vladyka Nikolai’s request for a missionary transformed my life. To find myself on Kodiak Island, the beachhead of Orthodoxy in America still stuns my imagination. For the Church in America, Alaska has been called “the pearl of great price.” Certainly ministry here takes extra effort, but the blessing is worth giving all that you have.

As Providence closes this particular period of service to St. Herman’s Seminary, I am profoundly grateful my missionary mind and heart were formed in Alaska. Finally, I want to thank the students whose love for Christ’s Church was the fount of my inspiration.

Piur’ci (Be well).

Through your prayers,

Paul Sidebottom