Archdeacon Nicholas Terenta

  • Petro Wendt
  • Petro Terenta
  • Nicholas Wendt

Archdeacon Nicholas Terenta is an archdeacon in the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). In 2009, the OCA website indicated that he was at St. Tikhon’s Seminary in South Canaan, Pennsylvania.

Prior to that, Terenta was a monastic at the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos Monastery in Weaverville, NC. This monastery is in the OCA, under the omophorion of the metropolitan.

Terenta was recruited to come to this country from the Ukraine while he was still a teen by the abbot of Holy Protection Monastery, Archimandrite Gregory Wendt. During his minority, Wendt adopted Terenta.

At the time of Terenta’s recruitment and adoption, Wendt was a Byzantine Catholic priest, and had a monastery in Florida called the Exultation of the Most Holy Cross. Holy Cross ran a private school called Holy Cross Academy. Terenta was a student at the school and a novice at the monastery.

Another young man who came from the Ukraine, Mykhaylo Kofel, alleged that he was molested by Wendt and by Wendt’s second in command, Igumen Damian Gibault, during the four years that Kofel resided at the monastery and attended the academy. The two priests have adamently denied the allegations and have never been charged with a crime. Moreover, they have suggested that Kofel raised the allegations to mitigate his punishment for the brutal murder of a nun, Sister Michelle Lewis.

Terenta told authorities that he was never abused by either Wendt or Gibault. He also denied witnessing any abuse.

Holy Cross Monastery was received into the OCA in 2003, and took the name of Holy Protection Monastery. The monastery relocated to North Carolina in 2005.