Archimandrite Joachim Parr

Archimandrite Joachim Parr was a priest/monk in the Moscow Patriarchate in the United States (MP). He was the abbot of Saint Mary of Egypt Monastery in New York.

On September 22, 2016, Parr was suspended from the priesthood by the MP. Although no reason for the suspension was listed in the decree, the archimandrite is the subject of a YouTube video accusing him of fabricating his credentials and engaging in cult abuse.

A deposition given by Parr in a lawsuit for child sexual abuse verifies many of the claims about his background contained in the video. A copy of the deposition is linked above. Parr was employed at a Catholic High School in Richmond, California, from approximately 1974 or 1975 through the spring of 1980 as a lay teacher and later as a lay administrator. He was questioned as a possible witness to material events in the case. The lawsuit was settled in 2006 for $700,000.