Archimandrite Stanley R. Adamakis

  • Stan Adams
  • Stan Adamakis

Archimandrite Stanley Adamakis was a priest in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA).

Father Adamakis and the GOA were sued in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on July 1, 1993. The complaint alleged that the priest sexually abused the plaintiff twenty years earlier. The plaintiff and the GOA filed a joint motion for dismissal with prejudice a little over a year later, when suit was settled for an undisclosed amount. (D.L.S. v. Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Case #D-202-CV-9306214)

In December of 1979 then Bishop Maximos Aghiorgoussis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, received a letter from Aspasia Prodes, which described Father Adamakis’ abuse of her two sons and their cousin , ages 13, 14 and 17, when the priest was working at Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church in Easton, Pennsylvania. The family was persuaded not to go to the police and was told the Church would remove the priest from ministry.

Father Adamakis relocated to Los Angeles, California, sometime after that. There, he was forced to resign as director of the South Bay Free Clinic in 1981 after two boys reported that the priest had ”come on to them.”

According to a probation report, the cleric was also forced to leave another job, in which he worked with abused children, after his unnamed employer learned that he had been arrested for molesting the Torrance boys, ages 12 and 13.

The cleric was convicted in 1986 on those charges. He was sentenced to seventy-eight days in jail.

While still on probation for that offense, Father Adamakis molested two additional boys, ages 16 and 18, that he met through an Episcopal Church youth group in Hermosa Beach, California. He pleaded guilty to the new charges in March, 1990, and was sentenced to nine years and eight months in prison — eight years for the probation violation and an additional twenty months on the new charges of sexual battery and child molestation. The priest spent the next seven years in prison.

When the second set of charges was filed, Metropolitan Anthony Gergiannakis, the GOA bishop for California at the time, said a defrockment action had been pending against Father Adamakis for more than a year, “stemming from repeated, but never substantiated, allegations of ‘sexual misbehavior’.” The Metropolitan also said that Father Adamakis “had been forced to leave posts in Montreal and Albuquerque because of unproven molestation allegations.”

On July 20, 2003, when Father Adamakis was 61 years old, he was murdered by a 24 year old man with whom he was having sex. A law enforcement source said that the relationship between the two men began around the time that Father Adamakis was released from state prison, five years previously.

A civil suit for child sexual abuse was filed in California against Father Adamakis and the GOA. That lawsuit was reportedly settled for $1 million in January of 2007.

As a boy, Father Adamakis was at altar server at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Boston. Archbishop Iakovos Coucouzis was the priest at the cathedral at that time, and the archbishop later ordained Father Adamakis to the priesthood.

Father Adamakis graduated from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1966.

He worked in the following GOA parishes:

St. George Greek Orthodox Church (Albuquerque NM) 1972-74

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (Newburgh, NY)
Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church (Easton PA): 1978-79

These parishes are in the Metropolis of Denver, the Archdiocesan District, and the Metropolis of Pittsburgh, respectively.

Father Adamakis also reportedly served at parishes in Montreal, Canada and New England.

The priest was suspended from the priesthood around the time of his first conviction, and was defrocked on March 20, 1990.