Bishop Anthimos Draconakis

  • Georges Draconakis

Bishop Anthimos Draconakis was a hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA). He died on May 29, 2015, at his home in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

The bishop was accused by Despina Gallas of having sexual contact with her. Gallas, the daughter of a GOA priest, says that she was a teenager, but over the age of majority, when the contact was first initiated.

Gallas sued the GOA and Draconakis. The lawsuit was dismissed on procedural grounds, without any findings as to the merits of the claim.


1954: Ordained deacon

1956: Ordained priest

1959: Raised to archimandrite

Worked in parishes in Belgium, studied at the Catholic University of Louvain

1960 to 1969: Worked in parishes in Berlin and Nuremberg in Archdiocese of Germany, later appointed vicar of the archdiocese

July, 1969: Appointed parish priest of Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Clinton, Massachusetts, continued his education at the Harvard Divinity School

July, 1971: Appointed dean of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, New York, NewYork

1977-1979: Bishop of Pittsburgh

April 1979-1982: Bishop of Boston, alleged to be sexually involved with Despina Gallas, 1979-1982

1983-1987: Bishop of Denver

September 28, 1987: PEOPLE Magazine runs “A Black Prince of the Church”

1987: Retired

November 1988: Gallas lawsuit filed

July 3, 1991: Court dismisses Gallas case

July 13, 1992: Returned to active ministry, worked in the Metropolis of San Francisco