Bishop Mathias Givens

  • Roy Joe Givens
  • Father Mathias Givens

Bishop Mathias Givens, also known as Fr. Mathias Givens and Roy Joe Givens, was convicted on May 20, 2003, of indecency with a fifteen year old girl. He was sentenced to ten years in state prison.

The self-proclaimed Orthodox bishop was working as a priest at the church he established in El Paso, Texas, at the time of the misconduct. That parish, St. Rafael’s Church, is now defunct.

Bishop Mathias’ trial was originally scheduled for February of 1994. However, he fled the jurisdiction of the court. The clergyman was arrested in Springfield, Illinois, in January of 2003, and extradited to Texas.

News articles refer to Bishop Mathias as a “former Greek Orthodox priest.” However, Pokrov has been told that his prior Greek association was with the Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis. Apparently, Bishop Mathias was a priest in this group at the same time that Father Benedict Greene was one of its bishops.