Bishop Pahomije Gatchich

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Bishop Pahomije Gatchich
Bishop Pahomije Gatchich

Bishop Pahomije Gatchich is a bishop in the Serbian Orthodox Church. He heads the Diocese of Vranje.

In 2003 Gatchich was charged with sex abuse offenses against 4 teenagers, one as young as 13. 4 years later the bishop was found not guilty. This verdict was upheld by a higher court. However, Serbia’s Supreme court ruled that the two lower court verdicts were unlawful, but was unable to order a retrial. Despite this, the 4 alleged victims received compensation from the government.

Gatchich maintained that he is innocent, claiming that he was the victim of anti-patriotic and anti-clerical plots.

On February 20, 2013, a 24 year old man, Nemanja S., came forward alleging that he had been abused by the bishop since he was 16. Gatchich has denied these new allegations. In addition, the Vranje diocese has filed charges against Nemanja S. for embezzlement and abuse of office.