Father Anastasios Gounaris

  • Taso Gounaris

Father Anastasios Gounaris is a priest in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA), Metropolis of Atlanta. In June of 2015 he was employed by Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

That same month Gounaris emailed Metropolitan Alexios Panagiotopoulos and the members of the Tarpon Springs community that he would be leaving his parish and the priesthood as of June 11th. At the time the priest’s whereabouts were unknown, although The National Herald reported that Gounaris was in Greece.

Later, the Herald reported that the priest had been suspended and was living in Canada with a married woman.

The suspension was reported in the October, 2015, issue of the Orthodox Observer.

In April of 2016, the Herald reported that the Synod of the GOA recommended that the priest be defrocked for abandoning his parish and his family.

Prior to his assignment to Tarpon Springs, Gounaris was the Dean of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in New York, New York. The cathedral is part of the Archdiocesan District. On December 13, 2012, The National Herald alleged that the priest engaged in a “violent tantrum” at Holy Trinity.

The Herald had previously alleged, on June 15, 2012, that Gounaris had physically attacked parishioners at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

On December 30, 2012, Gounaris contacted Pokrov.org and denied all the allegations put forth by the Herald up to that point. A copy of the email the priest sent to the website is linked above.