Father Damian Messires

  • Drake Messires
  • Peter Dean Messires
  • Constantine Masaros
DOB: Apr 18, 1950
Description: Race: White; Sex: Male; Hair: Black; Eyes: Brown; Height: 6'2”; Weight: 185 lbs.
Messires: 2006
Messires: 2006
Messires: 2010
Messires: 2010

Father Damian Messires (Peter Dean Messires, Constantine Masaros, and has also been known to use the first names Panayotis, Dino or Dean)

Latest update 8/14/08

Pokrov has heard, from two very reliable sources, that Father Damian Messires has been attending OCA parish Holy Cross in Fort Meyers FL. Messires has been using the name “Drake” and comes to Holy Cross with three young boys who he says are his “foster grandsons”. There were people who recognized “Drake” as Messires and spoke to the parish priest, Fr. Leonid Palceski, about it. Palceski is aware of the situation and “Drake” has been attending Holy Cross for a year now. Fr. Leonid believes that Messires is not a problem and wants him in the choir because tenors are difficult to come by.

Update 4/12/05 – POKROV Exclusive:

Pokrov has learned, from very reliable sources, that Father Damian Messires was sighted at yet another parish; this time at the Greek parish in Naples, FL where an old-calender Serbian group was celebrating Christmas liturgy.

Fr. Damian was identified by a former parishioner who recognized him. Neither the Greek priest at the facility or the visiting Serbian priest knew of Fr. Damian’s background until members of Pokrov made them aware.

Thanks to the concerned Ukrainian parishioner who allowed us to alert the two unsuspecting priests. Please, if your parish is the Florida area, let your priest and fellow parishioners know that this man is attending churches without disclosing to the priest either his identity or the fact that he is a registered sex offender. You many want to direct their attention to the Pokrov.org site or to the Florida Sexual Predator listing.

Pokrov is still waiting for a response from Metropolitan Constantine of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as to Fr. Damian’s official status within the church.