Father Dorotheos Finkelstein

  • David Finkelstein
  • Brother David Finkelstein

Fr. Dorotheos Finkelstein is currently associated with the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC), Western American Diocese. He is apparently assigned to St. Paisius Monastery in Safford, Arizona.

Since the SOC does not have a list of clergy on its site, and since Fr. Dorotheos is not listed on the sites for St. Paisius, it is difficult to determine his official position. However, St. Paisius is a women’s monastery, yet their website indicates that liturgy is served their daily, so it seems likely that Fr. Dorotheos is a priest in the SOC.

Prior to his association with the SOC, Fr. Dorotheos was a member of the Holy Order of MANS (HOOM), a gnostic mystery cult. In fact, he served as the president and business manager for the group from approximately 1986 through at least 1991.

In 1988, the Order was received into the Holy Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis by Metropolitan Pangratios Vrionis. After that, HOOM began calling itself Christ the Saviour Brotherhood (CSB) and claiming to be Orthodox.

During Fr. Dorotheos’ tenure as president of the Order, he supported another member of the group, Samuel David Allen, who was on trial for the sexual abuse of a seven year old girl. The priest, who went by the name of Br. David Finkelstein at the time, wrote a letter for Mr. Allen. He also testified on Mr. Allen’s behalf at his sentencing hearing.

There are links for the letter and for a transcript of the sentencing hearing on the right. Fr. Dorotheos’ testimony can be found on pages eleven through thirteen of the transcript.

In 2000, the various members of HOOM/CSB joined canonical Orthodox churches. Pokrov presumes that Fr. Dorotheos joined the SOC at that time.

HOOM officially changed its name to CSB in 2002. In addition, the group also finally amended its new age articles of incorporation.