Father Koumninos N. Hatzileris

  • Komninos N. Hatzileris
  • Koumianos Hatzileris
Father Koumninos N. Hatzileris
Father Koumninos N. Hatzileris

Fr. Koumninos N. Hatzileris is a priest in what is currently called the Church of Genuine Orthodox Christians of America, an uncanonical group.

In June of 2019, Fr. Hatzileris was accused by police in Tarpon Springs, Florida, of two counts of sexual battery of a woman. The woman was not a parishioner. His Church has suspended him from ministry in the wake of the new charges.

In 1999 the priest was working at a parish in Clearwater, Florida, when he was charged with trying to pick up a female undercover detective posting as a prostitute. At the time, Fr. Hatzileris was also slated to become the chancellor of a planned Greek immersion charter school. In the wake of the arrest he resigned, and his name and title was removed from literature about the school.

The 1999 case never went to trial because Fr. Hatzileris took part in a pre-trial diversion program. The priest was also suspended for 3-4 years following this arrest, but was eventually returned ministry.

Fr. Hatzileris founded and worked at the Clearwater parish, now called Dormition of Theotokos, before his 1999 arrest. He returned to Clearwater in 2015 or 2016 and again worked in the parish until he retired two weeks before his 2019 arrest.

During the years between the two arrests the clergyman also spent time at a monastery in New York, helped open a parish in Detroit, Michigan, and worked at the Parish of the Holy Unmercenaries in Chicago, Illinois.