Father Michael Graves

Fr. Michael Graves, who is now deceased, was at one time a priest in the Antiochian Archdiocese. In 1983 the priest was assigned to a parish in New Jersey.

Fr. Michael told Pokrov in 1983 he was instrumental in securing the release of Sterling Rayburn from custody, and that immediately after Rayburn’s release Rayburn attended services at Fr. Michael’s New Jersey parish and lived in Fr. Michael’s rectory. Fr. Michael further said that he had known Rayburn when Rayburn was an Episcopal priest, and that they were both involved in establishing a group of dissident Episcopalians under the name of “Anglicans for Orthodoxy.” Fr. Michael also indicated that Rayburn had asked for Fr. Michael’s help to secure his release, and that Rayburn came to Fr. Michael’s parish with the full knowledge and permission of Met. Philip Saliba.