Father Savvas Ross

  • William Kent Ross
DOB: Dec 05, 1949
Description: Race: Caucasian; Sex: Male; Height: 5'9"; Weight: 150 lbs.; Hair: Brown; Eyes: Blue
Ross: 4/23/2012
Ross: 4/23/2012

Father Savvas Ross, also known as William Kent Ross, is a predatory sex offender. According to the sex offender registry, he is currently residing in Whitehall, Montana.

When Ross was under supervision in Jackson County, Oregon (9/19/08 to 4/01/11), the information given was that he was on parole for 2 offenses, Sex Abuse I and Kidnap II. According to the terms of supervision, Ross is to have “No contact with victims, no contact with minors, CANNOT be on or adjcent to property of a playground, daycare or school, must attend sex offender treatment.”

The flyer on the Jackson County site also gave a recap of Ross’ criminal history. “In 1983, Mr. Ross lured a 7 year old female by asking her to help him find a lost pet. He pulled down the panties of the minor and forced her to touch his exposed penis. There were several other reports that he had done this behavior a number of time with other children in the Rogue Valley. While on abscond (for 20+ years) he committed a sex offense in New York (1992) for Public Lewdness and Endangering the Welfare of a Child by exposing himself over a several week period to children playing in their yard. He also has a conviction in 1979 in Arizona for Public Indecency and admitted to having exposed himself to children approx 15 times in the Phoenix Arizona area.”

In 2005, Ross was a priest in the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church in America (ROAC-DS) under Archbishop Gregory George of Dormition Skete in Buena Vista, Colorado. Ross’ parish was called Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in Cardwell, Montana. Shortly after Ross was added to Pokrov.org in October of 2005, he and his parish were removed from the ROAC-DS website.

In 2006 Pokrov.org received an email from George. George wrote that Ross resigned from the priesthood and was returned to the status of a layman effective November 30, 2005. Also according to George, after this resignation, Ross left the Orthodox Church.

George also supplied information about Ross’ association with other Orthodox jurisdictions.

Russian Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR): Ross tonsured a reader on 9/21/87. He left ROCOR in 1999.

Greek Old Calendarists: Ross joined the Greek Old Calendarists in 1999 through George’s recommendation. Ross was ordained a priest by “Metropolitan Niphon of Piraeos” in 2000.

ROAC: Ross was among those who remained with George when he was released by the Greek Old Calendarists to join ROAC.

ROAC-DS: When there was a split in ROAC, Ross again remained with George in ROAC-DS.