Father Thomas Alessandroni

Fr. Thomas Alessandroni is a priest in the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), Diocese of the West (DOW). He is the priest in charge of the Mission of the Synaxis of the Theotokos, which is part of the DOW’s Las Vegas Mission District Deanery. The parish is located at 20 Steiner Street in San Francisco, California.

Fr. Thomas and his mission were received into the OCA and the DOW on November 18, 2000, by Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald). Prior to that time, they were affiliated with the Holy Order of MANS (HOOM) and Christ the Saviour Brotherhood (CSB).

20 Steiner Street was at one time the headquarters of HOOM. In fact, title to the property (as of 7/11/2007) is still held in the name of HOOM, although the group officially changed its name to CSB on May 30, 2002.