Hieromonk Symeon Kharon

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Hieromonk Symeon Kharon was brought to the Washington, D.C. area by Metropolitan Jonah Paffhausen of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). Linked above are letters in Greek and in English which indicate that the hieromonk was released to Paffhausen by a Greek bishop on April 11, 2009.  According to Orthodox Christians for Accountability (OCANews), Paffhausen wanted Kharon to start a monastery in Washington, District of Columbia (DC).

On April 22, 2010, the hieromonk was arrested on a charge of simple assault in DC. Less than a month later the charges were dismissed as “No Papered.” There was no adjudication on the merits of the allegations. A copy of the arrest report is linked above. Kharon denied the charges.

When news of the hieromonk’s arrest reached the OCA, it became apparent that the church had never officially received Kharon and had no knowledge of the him. However, when it became clear that the priest was associated with both Paffhausen and Saint Nicholas Cathedral in DC, a Special Investigative Commission was established in July of 2010 to investigate the events that led to the April arrest. The report of that committee is linked above.

Included in the report of the SIC is a letter from Paffhausen to Kharon. In it Paffhausen mentions that he had heard that there was an earlier arrest, for which Kharon spent three days in jail.

The Kharon situation was also mentioned in a report from the OCA’s Sexual Misconduct Policy Advisory Committee to the OCA’s Synod of Bishops regarding Paffhausen’s handling of sexual abuse and misconduct cases. A copy of that report is linked above, as is the supplemental information requested by the synod.