Mar James A. Beine

  • Father James Beine

Father James A. Beine was removed from the Roman Catholic priesthood in 1977. According to the St. Louis archdiocese, Beine’s dismissal followed allegations of child sexual abuse. The diocese paid $110,000 during the late 1990s to settle two lawsuits. Beine was also named during the 1990s in eight lawsuits in the St. Louis Circuit Court – more than against any other current or former priest in the St. Louis area.

Despite this history, Beine was a counselor at elementary schools in St. Louis until March of 2002.

On June 19, 2003, Beine, who was at that time calling himself the Most Rev. Dr. Mar James, was convicted of exposing himself to three boys at a public elementary school in St. Louis. That conviction was later overturned.

Mar James claimed to be a bishop or archbishop for the Orthodox Catholic Church in America and/or the Syrian Orthodox Exarchate.

According to the website of the Syro-Russian Orthodox Catholic Church, “Archbishop Stephen consecrated Bishops Douglas (O’Connor) of Blessed Memory, George (Singleton), John (Sowrimuthu), John (Utz), and now deposed bishops, Julius Rufin of Pakistan, Anthony DeLuca of New York and James Beine of Missouri, who now head their own self-styled jurisdictions.”

Mar James’ organization was known as Sancte Joannes Bosco. At the time of his arrest in 2002, Mar James’ defense lawyer said that Beine had recently begun trying to help youngsters in the city’s Bosnian immigrant community.

According to the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), Mar James has relocated to Las Vegas, and is seeking a teaching permit.