Protopresbyter Robert S. Kondratick

Protopresbyter Robert S. Kondratick was a priest in the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). For many years he served as chancellor of the national church. The priest was removed as chancellor for his role in the OCA’s financial scandal on March 16, 2006.

Kondratick subsequently became a parish priest in the Diocese of the South, serving Holy Spirit Orthodox Church in Venice, Florida. After he was defrocked on December 13, 2007, he became the administrator of the parish.

On December 14, 2007, Kondratick’s wife, Matushka Elizabeth Kondratick, filed a lawsuit against the OCA seeking payment with interest on a $250,000 promissary note that the OCA had allegedly given her for improvements made to the OCA-owned property where the couple resided.

On May 16, 2008, the OCA filed suit against the Kondraticks, seeking an accounting of church funds and other relief.

Kondratick himself filed suit against the OCA on August 15, 2008, seeking $26 million dollars for, among other claims, defamation and wrongful termination.

All three suits were settled on May 21, 2010. The OCA agreed to pay the Kondraticks $250,000 in exchange for mutual releases of liability.

On March 6, 2013, Kondratick was arrested by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office and charged with embezzling $53,950 from the Venice parish. News reports also said that church officials fired Kondratick as parish administrator after he was unable to account for the missing money.

A copy of the initial sheriff’s reports are linked here and here. The arrest card is linked here.