Seraphim Randall Hayes

  • David Randall Hayes
DOB: May 27, 1973
Description: Height 6'2" Weight 350 lbs.

Seraphim Randall Hayes is convert to the Orthodox Church and an Orthodox layman. He was brought to Pokrov’s attention by Orthodox Christians who visited Saint Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery in Arizona. Hayes “spiritual father” is Abbot Paisios of the Florence monastery.

According to court documents, Hayes changed his name legally from Randall David Hayes to Seraphim Hayes. He had a history of inappropriate contact with young girls, which is documented at the Superior Court of Arizona in Mariposa County.

Unfortunately the mother of an 8-year-old girl who married Hayes was unaware of this record. The woman only knew him as a very devout Orthodox Christian convert. Hayes gained access to this little girl when he became her stepfather. He used every opportunity to sexually abuse this child, including capitalizing on the fact that the girl’s mother was hearing impaired.

Seraphim Hayes was arrested for abusing his stepdaughter and charged with nine crimes, one of which was kidnapping. However, he was only convicted on two counts.

Count 1: Sexual Abuse
Second Degree A.R.S
Date of Offense: On or about August 15, 2001 and December 25, 2001
On this count the defendant was sentenced to Four Years imprisonment and was committed to the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Count 5 (Amended) Attempted Molestation of a child Class 3 Felony and Dangerous Crime against children in the second degree.
Date of Offense: On or about January 20 2001 to January 20, 2002.
On this count the defendant received LIFETIME probation including a requirement to register as a Sex Offender.

To the best of Pokrov’s knowledge, Hayes completed his prison sentence, but he is not listed on the Arizona Sex Offender Registry or anywhere else. Please contact us if you know of his current whereabouts.