Tatiana Berestoff

Tatiana Berestoff is a laywoman in the Diocese of Alaska. She and her husband wanted to marry at Holy Resurrection Church in Kodiak, Alaska. Holy Resurrection Church is a parish of the Orthodox Church in America, Diocese of Alaska.

However, the couple wanted Fr. Paisius DeLucia, a priest in the Bulgarian Diocese under Metropolitan Joseph, to participate in the wedding. Bishop Nikolai (Soraich) refused to allow Fr. Paisius to serve, or even to attend, the wedding.

Since Fr. Paisius had played an important role in Mrs. Berestoff’s husband’s return to the Church, the couple elected to marry at St. Innocent’s Academy, Fr. Paisius’ parish. Subsequently, Mrs. Berestoff was barred from taking communion at Holy Resurrection by Fr. Innocent Dresdow.

Fr. Innocent reportedly said that this was because Mr. and Mrs. Berestoff did not have Bishop Nikolai’s blessing to marry at St. Innocent’s. Mrs. Berestoff has appealed to Metropolitan Herman (Swaiko) for assistance.