Pokrov Celebrates Eleven Years Online This Month

Date Published: 06/10/2010
Publication: Pokrov.org

This June marks the eleventh anniversary of Pokrov.org, an online resource for survivors of abuse in the Orthodox Churches. Cappy and I are committed to helping victims and exposing sexual predators. However, we can only do so much on our own. Take a look at “How You Can Help Reduce Abuse in the Orthodox Churches,” and do what you can to help us.

In particular, if you know of an abuser who is not listed on our site, please let us know. Send us any documentation — court records, newspaper articles, correspondence — that you can.

In addition, if you have old Orthodox yearbooks and newspapers, please send them to Pokrov.org. These two types of material provide invaluable information for our work.

Our mailing address is:

Post Office Box 170654
San Francisco, CA 94117

You can also contact us by email:


voice mail:

415-820-9645 (USA)

or Fax:

925-283-2305 (USA)

Cappy Larson
Melanie Jula Sakoda