Pokrov exclusive

Author: Pokrov.org
Date Published: 09/16/2004
Publication: Pokrov.org

Pokrov has learned, from very reliable sources at St. Nicholas Parish (OCA) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, that Father Damian Messires appeared at the parish using the name Constantine Masaros (nicknamed Dean or Dino).

The parish was looking for a new choir director. Constantine Masoros told them he was a sub-deacon of Greek-American extraction, but had lived in Russia where he worked as a choir director. Constantine Masoros also claimed he had property in Ft. Myers damaged in hurricane Charley. Since the parish had taken up a collection for victims of this storm, they gave him part of the proceeds for his repairs.

An anonymous tip alerted Father Kirrill (Gvosdev) –the pastor at St. Nicholas — that Constantine Masoros was actually Father Damian Messires. Father Kirrill was able to find the arrest record and identify Father Damian as Constantine Masaros by the photo on Pokrov.

Father Kirrill went to the police, and Father Damian’s parole officer was notified. Father Damian’s presence in Ft. Lauderdale and his deceptive name change were in violation of his parole. It was also discovered that Father Damian’s property in Florida is in Naples, 43 miles away from Ft. Myers., and that the money collected was also part of his deception.

The police told Fr. Kirill that he must notify them if Father Damian returns to the parish ever again.

Other parishes and monasteries in Florida should be on alert!


Pokrov would like to commend the anonymous tipster for bringing this matter to Father Kirrill’s attention, and Fr. Kirrill for investigating the information he received and acting responsibly by going to the police. Fr. Kirrill is also to be commended for his complete disclosure of the situation to his parish. Thank you also to the parishioners of St. Nicholas parish who brought this to Pokrov’s attention.