Pokrov.org Receives Letter from Father Vasile Susan

Date Published: 03/07/2010
Publication: Pokrov.org

Pokrov.org received a letter from Father Vasile Susan, dated March 5, 2010. The complete text of the letter is linked above.

In his letter, Susan reminds us that the clean-up process begun with the financial crisis in the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) is not complete. He writes, “It is fortunate that ultimately some good OCA hierarchs (+Job) assumed the responsibility of cleaning up the OCA field. The clean up process started, but it is unfinished. The real OCA crisis is the MORAL CRISIS, not the financial one. The glass of patience is filled up and the truth is pouring over the brim. Transparency’s time is here.”

Susan is an OCA priest. Until 2004, he served in the OCA’s Romanian Episcopate. That year Susan was removed from his parish in Chicago by Archbishop Nathaniel Popp, head of the Romanian Episcopate. He has never been assigned to another parish.

While Susan was never given a reason for his dismissal, he believes that he was removed from his parish when he spoke out about another clergyman in his diocese who was actively homosexual. The priest filed a lawsuit in 2005 claiming that his removal was without cause. That action is still pending.