Priest fondled 17-year-old girl

Author: Cameron Smith
Date Published: 08/03/2002

A RESPECTED Greek Orthodox priest escaped being put behind bars yesterday after he confessed to indecently assaulting a 17-year-old girl.

Husband and father of two, Andreas Papadimitropoulos, begged a parishioner’s forgiveness after admitting to kissing and fondling the girl in his office on April 25.

Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard the 17-year-old was a regular parishioner at Father Papadimitropoulos’ St Catherine’s Church in Malvern East.

The court heard Father Papadimitropoulos was temporarily suspended from the church and still cannot hear confessions.

His wages were also frozen at a fixed figure for five years.

The priest was convicted and jailed for two months with the term suspended for two years.