Priest suspended while sex-abuse claims in the air

Author: Staff
Date Published: 05/05/2004
Publication: The Daily Texan

HOUSTON – A bishop says a Greek Orthodox priest who also works as a supervisor for the Houston school district is suspended as sex-abuse claims from almost 30 years ago are reviewed in Ohio.

Harris County Children’s Protective Services informed the Houston Independent School District of 30-year-old allegations against the Rev. Gabriel Barrow last December, spokesman Terry Abbott said in a statement.

”In 25 years here, his record is spotless,” Abbott told the Houston Chronicle in Tuesday’s editions. ”He’s an instructional supervisor who works directly with teachers and not children.”

Bishop Savas of Troas, chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, told the newspaper in a telephone interview from New York City that he has received no complaints about Barrow since he began working in Webster about seven years ago.