Romanian Priest Alleged He Was Deposed Without Due Process

Author: Staff
Date Published: 09/09/2012

Father Adrian T. Fetea was removed as a priest of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), Romanian Episcopate, on May 9, 2012. In a letter addressed to Archbishop Nathaniel Popp, dated June 1, 2012, the priest alleged that he was defrocked without being apprised of the charges against him and without being allowed to present a defense. A copy of Fetea’s letter, in redacted form, is linked above.

Fetea also wrote that he believed that he was deposed for reporting federal crimes committed by Parish Council members at his last parish, Saint Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church in Elmhurst, New York. In addition, the priest contrasted his treatment with that given to another Romanian priest, Father “B,” who was accused by his wife of being an active homosexual. Father “B” remained a clergyman even after he admitted the allegations.

Father Vasile Susan spoke out against Father “B’s” situation many years ago, and believed that he was punished for doing so. Susan served at Saint Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church in Chicago, Illinois, until he was removed from his position in 2004. Although Susan remains a priest in good standing, he has gone without church employment for more than 8 years.