Saint Innocent’s Academy now with Georgian Orthodox Church?

Author: Melanie Jula Sakoda
Date Published: 04/11/2017
Saint Innocent Academy
Saint Innocent Academy recently received a page from the March, 2017, issue of “The Eagle.” “The Eagle” was a publication of Saint Innocent’s Academy in Kodiak, Alaska, which, along with the associated parish of Saint Innocent of Alaska Orthodox Mission, belonged to the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada and Australia.

However, according to the page from the March, 2017, issue, it appears that Saint Innocent of Alaska Mission has been renamed Saint John the Wonderworker Mission. It also appears that the mission is now under Bishop Saba Intskirveli, who heads the Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church in North America. A copy of the page is linked above.

Father Paisius DeLucia, who was defrocked by the Bulgarians in 2015, was the priest Saint Innocent of Alaska Mission, as well as the founder of Saint Innocent’s Academy.  The school and parish were also removed from the Bulgarian Diocese in 2015. It is unclear whether DeLucia is the priest at Saint John the Wonderworker Mission, and if the academy is continuing under the Georgians.

If anyone has additional information about the parish, the academy, or DeLucia, please contact