Scuffle on black magic conviction: court

Author: AAP
Date Published: 11/03/2011

A woman tried to bite a sheriff’s officer and punched a policeman outside a court where her husband had been convicted in a black magic sex trial, a Sydney court has heard.

Emeline Golossian and her three sons George, David and Charlie Golossian, are facing charges relating to a violent incident outside the NSW District Court in Sydney on April 1.

The scuffle broke out after Tony Golossian was found guilty of 24 charges over “prayer sessions” in which he convinced two women to have sex with him to rid themselves of black magic curses.

At Sydney Local Court on Thursday, Sheriff’s Officer Mark Clarkson said he had tried to restrain Mrs Golossian after he saw her attacking acting sergeant Jeremy Blanchard.

“I saw (acting sergeant Blanchard) turning towards Emeline Golossian and saying, `You’re under arrest for assaulting a police officer. You have struck me two times’,” Mr Clarkson said.

He said he and another sheriff’s officer tried to restrain Mrs Golossian, whereupon she snapped at him with her teeth in an attempt to bite him.

Acting sergeant Blanchard told the court he got involved in the scuffle after he saw a male inflicting a “haymaker punch” on a person he believed was a legal representative.

“I actually thought it was the crown (prosecutor) involved in a fight. I thought I had to do something to assist,” he said.

The officer delivered three punches to a man who was kicking another person as a “distracting technique”, but he had stopped when he felt three blows to the back of the head.

The trial continues.