Self-Proclaimed Queens Clergyman Charged With Sex Abuse

Date Published: 04/18/2002
Metropolitan Pangratios Vrionis
Metropolitan Pangratios Vrionis

A self-proclaimed bishop in Queens was arrested Thursday on charges of sexually abusing a teenage boy.

The Queens District Attorney says 58-year-old Pangrotious Vrionis of Woodside is accused of molesting a 14-year-old boy in 1999 and showing him a pornographic video.

The DA’s office says Vrionis identifies himself as Archibishop of St. Fanourios and Gerasimos Church. However, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese says that while Vrionis used to be affiliated with the sect, he was defrocked in 1970 after being accused of sodomizing two 14-year-old boys in Pennsylvania.

Vrionis faces up to three months in jail if convicted on the latest charges.