Sex Crimes

Date Published: 07/13/2004

Four more underage sex charges were brought today against Unalaska resident Terenty “Mepp” Dushkin in Unalaska District Court, bringing the total to eleven since Friday. Dushkin was arrested Friday when Unalaska polices searched his apartment and seized a homemade sex videotape.

Unalaska police say the 22-year old Dushkin was charged with two felony counts of third degree sexual abuse of a minor for having sex last year with two juvenile girls, ages 13 and 14.

According to the court document, the incident occurred at night one year ago in either late June or early July of 2003, when the two girls met Duskin who was waiting in his vehicle parked at the elementary new school, and had sex in the back seat.

Dushkin was also charged Wednesday with possession of child pornography and unlawful exploitation of a minor for videotaping sex acts involving a 17-year-old girl in late December of 2003. Unalaska police seized a copy of the videotape when they searched his apartment last week.

Last week, Dushkin was charged with seven counts of second degree sexual abuse of a minor, for having sex with a girl who is now 15, over a two-year period, most recently three weeks ago.

Dushkin’s bail Wednesday was set at $2,500, and two third party custodians were appointed, his brother, P.G. Dushkin, and his mother, Laresa Moses, who both attended the arraignment and bail hearing, along with her husband. State Representative Carl Moses. Deputy Magistrate Linda Mueller presided over the proceeding in the local courthouse.