Sexual Addiction Test – 20 Question Self-Test

Date Published: 06/01/2005

There are good sexual addiction tests that can be found on the internet that can help you determine if you are addicted to sex in some way, shape or form. We are not going to attempt to offer you a comprehensive test here, but only want to give you a partial list of questions you can answer to start the process of determining if you are a sex addict. Should you come to the conclusion that you have a problem then it is our recommendation that you seek out professional help through a licensed counselor or treatment center that specializes in the area of sexual addiction. The first thing someone must do in breaking the control of sexual addiction is to come clean with it with a mature, responsible and trusted third party who will not cover up, help you hide or otherwise not direct you to appropriate professional help. Anyone who would have you not face your issue is either ignorant of the danger of this issue, enabling your problem or protecting some other interest. Your personal recovery from this addiction should be their first concern.

1. Do you have a repetitive pattern of out-of-control sexual behavior that you try to stop or otherwise make promises to yourself to control but only find yourself going back to it time and time again?

2. Do you find that even when facing adverse consequences to your behavior that you cannot stop and find yourself practicing the same sexual behavior again and again?

3. Do you live a double life where you keep your sexual practices secret from your other relationships?

4. Have you ever been involved in sexual practices or behaviors that later made you feel embarrassed or ashamed?

5. Have you ever been arrested by law enforcement for your sexual behaviors or had the potential of your job or career threatened by such behaviors?

6. Have you ever been truthfully accused of sexual misconduct with anyone, and possibly more than once?

7. Have you ever been sexual with a minor?

8. Have you ever engaged in unsafe sexual practices even though you knew that they could cause you harm of sexually transmitted disease or the passing on of a sexually transmitted disease to others?

9. Do you keep your sexual practices hidden from those who know would disagree with them or find you not complying with the law or your moral beliefs?

10. Do you find yourself constantly sexualizing others or fantasizing about sex and unable to control those preoccupying thoughts?

11. Do you find yourself constantly scheming or manipulating others or events for the purpose of sex?

12. Do you pay for sex or in any way, shape or form cruise for sex?

13. Do you subscribe to internet porn sites or magazines, rent X-rated pornographic videos, participate in chat line sex or pay for phone sex?

14. Do you compulsively masturbate or find when you masturbate that you feel shame because it is it not in accordance with your moral beliefs?

15. Do you use a position of religious authority or occupational authority to coerce, manipulate, force or persuade anyone to have sex with you, or to perform sex acts upon you, or you upon them?

16. Has anyone ever been emotionally hurt by events related to your sexual conduct?

17. Do you lie about your sexual misconduct or inappropriate sexual behavior when faced with the evidence of it?

18. Do you practice any type of sexual violence? (Rape, incest, bondage, mutilation or child sexual abuse, etc.).

19. Were you sexually abused?

20. Did you lie, rationalize or justify any of your answers to these questions so that you would not have to face the reality of your problem? Are you in denial?

Facing the reality of a sexual addiction problem takes courage and a willingness to seek out help from someone who is experienced and trained in the dealing with of such issues. Continued practice of this addiction is progressive and becomes ever more uncontrollable as the addict continues this behavior or tries to control it.

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