The Orthodox Christians and Eastern Rite Catholics listed in this section have all been convicted in criminal court of crimes which caused or were likely to cause injury to another person. We include crimes committed by clergy which evidence sexual misconduct. (Sexual misconduct is a disregard for the moral teachings of Orthodoxy and Catholicism on sexuality.)

While legal guilt is not synonymous with moral guilt, the standard for a criminal conviction in the United States is quite stringent: beyond a reasonable doubt.  Even those offenders who plead guilty are required to admit all the elements of the offense under oath.

Foreign convictions are also included here, although the standards of jurisprudence may differ from what is required for a conviction in this country.

We strive for accuracy.  Consequently, if you have information that a conviction has been overturned or otherwise cast into doubt, please share that information with us.  You can expedite the correction process by providing documentation to support your contention.