The Orthodox Churches and the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches have their own systems for disciplining individuals who injure other people or who engage in sexual misconduct.  (Sexual misconduct is behavior which is inconsistent with the teachings of Orthodoxy or Catholicism on sexuality.) Spiritual courts do not operate according to the same principals and procedures as criminal courts.  Nevertheless, these courts have their own set of standards and are a time honored method for determining moral guilt.

In this section we have information about individuals who have been sanctioned in spiritual court for injuring another person. Clergy who have been disciplined for sexual misconduct are also included.

We also have information about individuals who have been sanctioned by their bishop (or in the case of a hierarch, by his synod) in the wake of allegations that they have injured another person or engaged in sexual misconduct. These sanctions, such as a leave of absence or a suspension, are imposed without a spiritual court.

In addition, we include information about those individuals who were accused in spiritual court of injuring another person or of misconduct, but who refused to submit themselves to the court.  In those cases, the individual has been sanctioned for disobedience, with no decision rendered on the underlying charges.

Please read each file carefully to determine what the basis for the sanction was, and how the sanction was imposed.

We strive for accuracy.  Consequently, if you have information contrary to what is posted here, please share that information with us.  You can expedite the correction process by providing documentation to support your contention.