Support for Father Vasile Susan

Date Published: 03/02/2010

Pokrov recently received a statement written by Dr. Constantin Izvanariu in support of Father Vasile Susan. Izvanariu is a Romanian Orthodox from the Chicago area. The statement is linked above.

In his statement, Izvanariu challenges priests in the Romanian Episcopate of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) to speak up on Susan’s behalf, writing, “To the priests who have been silenced by intimidation and succumbed to fear I have this to say: you will begin to show how much you care if you lovingly speak the truth. … It’s much easier to remain silent rather than provoke confrontation but I ask you, how can you remain silent in Fr. Susan’s dismissal without just cause and due process?”

The Romanian priest was removed from his parish in Chicago by Archbishop Nathaniel Popp, head of the Romanian Episcopate, in 2004. Although the priest remains an OCA clergyman, he has never been assigned to another parish.

Susan was never given a reason for his dismissal, but he believes that he was removed from his parish when he spoke out about another clergyman in his diocese who was actively homosexual. The priest filed a lawsuit in 2005 claiming that his removal was without cause. That action is still pending.