Tall Order: Brother Juniper’s Group Serves Families With Restaurants And More

Author: Peter Fullam
Date Published: 03/07/1988

Brother Juniper’s had a change of faith.

Not that devotees of the darling of the downtown diners will notice any difference in their Happy Hermit sandwiches. But the Holy Order of Mans, the religious order that owns and operates the restaurants, recently became affiliated with the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Previously, the group had been an independent Christian order tracing its founding to the mid-60s and the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.

”We see it as sort of a pilgrimage into the heart of the church of the original Apostles,” Father Michael Crowley says of the 20-year history of the order. ”And we find that in the liturgy and the spirituality of the Orthodox Church.”

That may be the most significant recent development for the men and women who belong to the order, but the affiliation is just one of the several recent developments affecting the order in Indianapolis.

In conjunction with the plans, the Holy Order of Mans also will change its name. Mans is an acronym formed of the first letters of four Greek words meaning God’s love and wisdom. The new name has not been selected.

The order also recently has been involved in the following business dealings that will expand both its humanitarian and profit-making operations.