The Fading Away of Greek Orthodoxy in the Americas

Author: Staff
Date Published: 06/01/2008
Publication: Greek Press (USA)

Under the headline ‘Eleven Pedophiles in the Archdiocese” (of America,) the Athens tabloid Proto Thema (First Topic,) runs as a headliner that begins in its first page an expose on the wretched state of affairs in the former glorious Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America. It reports devastating affairs of ‘satire’ clergy in its ranks, and the covert efforts made by its illicit leaders to cover up with bribes amounting to $8.3 million. Continuing, the sensational headline reveals that this demoralizing scandal has Athens in shock. Furthermore, the article insists, the Archbishop, who in actuality is thoroughly estranged from this hideous episode by default, ‘is in reality exposed in the eyes of US Justice and “is being sued” by that authority’ (sic).

It appears that the strong (financial) arm of those at 8 East 79th Street have twisted some weak (in morals) arm, so as to postpone the hearings (at least when it comes to the defrocked Katinas of Dallas) from the May 20th date to June and now to September 22nd, and to our judgment, so the notorious leaders in that institution can look for more millions to feed the hungry corruptible in every quarter imaginable. And where, pray tell, are these notorious entities going to find more millions for bribes? Would you say the near $100 million cache of the Leadership 100 look attractive enough for them? Do you suppose it is the reason that these sacrilegious entities pressured the head of that organization to return it under the Archdiocesan roof? Do you suppose this is why their leader, George Behrakis, a very pious and just human being resigned from the post so as not to give them that pleasure during his administration? Do you suppose this is why the rumors are flying that he is ready to sue the Archdiocesan band and their dark schemes? If you answered yes to all of the above, you may be right on the money.

If there’s any moral fiber left on us, the innocent bystanders, for Orthodoxy’s sake, let’s rise and make our opinion and convictions known! Not only in Chicago where we how we have overwhelming support, but in Boston, in Baltimore, in Philadelphia, in Los Angeles and particularly in New York, the site of this malignancy.

For the time being, we are not going to extend into the issue of the rest of the pedophilic colleagues of those who rule at 8 East 79th Street. Let us just mention their name as they appear in Proto Thema, the Athenian newspaper which exposed the story-among others- that they are, in addition to Katinas:

• Stan Adamakis of California who forced his own nephew into sexual submission,

• Emmanuel Koveos (or Coveos) of New Jersey, who molested a 12-year-old girl,

• Ioannis Liadis, unknown State who sexually disturbed under age girls,

• Andreas Papadimitropoulos, State unknown who received a two-month sentence for attacking a 17-year-old woman and who has not yet been censured by the Archdiocese but continues to conduct liturgy,

• Pangratios Vryonis (any relation with the disgraced professor of NYU Spiro Vryonis?) who mauled and sodomized two boys as far back as 1970,

• Angelo Kassimiotis of Atlanta, GA who was accused of molesting a 15-year-old in 1992,

• Ioannis Katsoulis, against whom accusations of pedophilia did not move the Archdiocese and who is back on duty,

• Michael Reimer, an archimandrite no less, the accusations against whom did not move the Archdiocese so that he returned to duty until there were fresh accusations that he sodomized a person with disabilities. Very conveniently, the archimandrite found refuge in a San Francisco monastery,

• Ioannis Theodoros against whom the National Herald leveled sexual accusations, despite which, the Archdiocese exonerated in 2007, and

• Antonios Moschonas, accused by an 18-year-old woman who claims that the priest paid for her airfare to Greece to accompany him, yet the priest is till active participant of the Orthodox clergy.

This is, dear readers the state of the Archdiocese-and if you ask us, is not improving at all, unless we take matters into our hands and protest to the Greek Government, which apparently is not aware of this shameful state of affairs which is only getting worse as the noose around the neck of those who deserve it gets tighter. Mind you, all these names we supplied you with, originated in the Greek language Proto Thema from where we got all the information.