Time to Think

Author: Barbara-Marie Drezhlo
Date Published: 03/01/2010
Publication: Voices From Russia

What is wrong with confronting evil during Great Lent? NOW is the time for action

An Ordinary Sort

A Fly on the Wall informed me that Jonas Paffhausen is going to Columbia MD to give a two-day retreat. THAT is imprudent at best. Raymond Velencia still has a lawsuit pending against him. It gives the impression that JP is totally behind Velencia in the court case (the OCA has spent oodles on lawyers already, and there is more yet to come, no doubt). So far, the OCA has been claiming that the ”national church” (that is, the hierarchy) is not responsible for Velencia’s actions. I would observe that the secular courts did not buy that rationale in the case of the RCs in the sex abuse scandal. They ended by selling off property in order to pay off the settlements.

Of course, there is still time for JP to redeem himself. If he must do this, there is another parish where he could hold his talks. Instead of Columbia MD, he could use the parish in Baltimore instead. It is convenient to Columbia (both are in the Greater DC-Baltimore metro region) and it would avoid entanglement in a sticky wicket. It is simple prudence to avoid even the appearance of undue involvement.

There was the usual imbroglio on the Orthodox Forum. I would simply say that the OCA is paying the price for electing an inexperienced and unseasoned man as their metropolitan. All other Local Churches require that a candidate for First
Hierarch have experience as a ruling bishop (the usual is five years). JP had NO experience as a ruling archpastor, and it shows. I can’t get upset over this; JP just keeps sticking his foot into every cow pie in the field. He signs agreements with the Episkies, he beams when Rowan Williams shows up at SVS, and he speaks before a group within the GOA known to be rebellious (the so-called Orthodox Christian Laity). Don’t get angered; don’t argue with these sorts. They’re impervious.

Send them no money.

They understand THAT. They’re going to do what they will; they don’t give tuppence about anything outside of SVS and Syosset. We’re paying for railroading Herman Swaiko. We were all wrong in how we did what we did. Note well that secrecy still reigns and all of the Old Gang is still there (or they’re back). Don’t forget that JP refused to say ”I’m sorry” publicly either to Paul Sidebottom or Kristi Koumentakos. ”We did no wrong”