Update: Archimandrite Isidore Brittain

Author: Staff
Date Published: 10/19/2014
Publication: Pokrov.org
Archimandrite Isidore Brittain
Archimandrite Isidore Brittain

According to the Orthodox Church in America, Archimandrite Isidore Brittain was defrocked effective June 24, 2014. A copy of Pastoral Changes Official No. 564 is linked above. This document also confirms that Brittain had been previously suspended.

The archimandrite had been working at Saint Anne Church in Corvallis, Oregon, when he was arrested on April 17, 2014, for possession of child pornography. Brittain pleaded guilty to four counts of first-degree encouraging child sex abuse on June 10, 2014. He was sentenced to prison for his offenses, and will have to register as a sex offender following his release. The priest-monk was also found to be in violation of his probation stemming from an earlier conviction for driving under the influence.