Update on Fr. Gabriel Barrow

Date Published: 11/04/2004
Publication: Pokrov

On Sunday October 24, 2004 parishioners at St. George Antiochian Church in Houston, TX observed Father Gabriel Barrow behind the altar during liturgy. It was reported to Pokrov that Father Gabriel was seen holding the chalice during the Transformation.

After receiving this report, Cappy Larson of Pokrov called Bishop Savas of Troas on October 27, 2004 to find out the status of Father Gabriel. Bishop Savas told Cappy that Father Gabriel has been suspended. After spiritual court proceedings in July, the panel recommended that Fr. Gabriel be defrocked. This was approved by GOA Synod. The case has been sent to the Ecumenical Patriarch for final action. Meanwhile, Father Gabriel is prohibited from vesting and from administering sacraments.

Pokrov will report on the decision on the Ecumenical Patriarch as it becomes available.