UPDATED: More From Father Adrian T. Fetea

Author: Staff
Date Published: 10/19/2012
Publication: Pokrov.org

In a second letter addressed to Archbishop Nathaniel Popp, dated August 9, 2012, the former Father Adrian T. Fetea contrasted his treatment with that given to two other Romanian priests, Father “B” and Father “F.” A redacted copy of the letter is linked above in two parts.

Father “B” was accused by his ex-wife of being an active homosexual, yet remained an clergyman of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) even after he admitted the allegations. Fetea reported in his August 9th letter that Father “B” served in a parish of the Albanian Diocese of the OCA after his admission of misconduct. Fetea also alleged that while employed by a Ukrainian church as a choir director, Father “B” served the liturgy in the absence of the parish’s priest in July, 2012. In addition, Fetea presented documentation that indicated that the OCA’s metropolitan had never received Father “B.”

Father “F” is a Romanian priest attached to a parish in Arizona. Fetea alleged in his August 9th letter that Father “F” remained an OCA priest in good standing even though he is incarcerated for a DUI.

The August 9th letter also contained a copy of a request from Popp to unnamed recipients asking them to destroy the documents contained in Fetea’s earlier letter. The archbishop also asked that the materials not be forwarded to anyone else, and if the documents had already been forwarded, to pass his request along to the recipients. The archbishop claimed that the materials contained in Fetea’s earlier letter were “privileged and confidential documents” that had been “mis-appropriated” in order to cause harm to the Romanian Episcopate. Popp further claimed that the distribution of these materials might cause harm to innocent third parties, resulting in criminal or civil action.

Fetea was removed as an OCA priest of the Romanian Episcopate on May 9, 2012. The defrocked clergyman believed that he was deposed for reporting federal crimes committed by Parish Council members at his last parish, Saint Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church in Elmhurst, New York.